Scheduling Improvements

Currently, the scheduler using CRON doesnt always meet every ORG’s needs perfectly.

Concepts like “the second and fourth Wednesday” are theoretically easy, but often buggy with CRON.

A more advanced scheduler where we can pick a rotation similar to how a recurring event is scheduled in a calendar app would be ideal.

Buggy? In what way? All of our MSP schedules are done on 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri of every month—The schedules have always kicked off properly for 3.5 years now, save for some issues that I discovered that had to do with Screenconnect integration in the criteria.

We would love something a little more GUI friendly.

But we run it using something like this

30 11 14-22 * 2

which works out to be the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

We’ve had several instances of a CRON job with something like 00 20 1-8 * 2 not executing at the right time.

Immy support already looked at it and acknowledged some limitations with their CRON parsing and recommended I create a feature request.

I also just think that adding a GUI for scheduling will create a better UX for non-technical customers. I’ve personally trained several Immy customers on our dime, and there’s almost always the question “whats CRON”

you’d want 15-21, not 14-22.

1-7 is first
8-14 is second
15-21 is third
22-28 is fourth

There are tools out there that you can use a Gui to generate a cron expression. Personally, I’ve come to appreciate having a cron expression so it can be copy/paste, but sure it probably wouldn’t be terribly difficult to integrate some sort of gui to generate the expression.

The real problem is representing in the gui what you can easily represent in the expression when it comes to more complex schedules. Every other month on the third Wednesday? How about only the first 3 Fridays of every month? So, while those schedules are unusual, building a Gui to be able to generate those kinds of expressions would be time consuming for the devs, and wouldn’t really save Immy users any time—having to pluck through a bunch of gui options is definitely going to take you longer, not to mention that you’re probably only ever creating 1-4 schedules per client, ever.

So I agree I would be nice to have, but it would really really far down on my list of priorities.