Script Templates on New Script Creation

When creating a new script from scratch, it would be helpful it if was possible to choose from a list of templates. Or maybe, in the script editor explorer, a third section that is just templates, with the only option on them being duplicate in new script.

For a task script, perhaps just a simple example script with switch for test, set, and get already waiting to be filled out.

For Software Version Action, perhaps an option for various EXE and MSI installer formats(like the “Default” scripts that I already duplicate).

For Function scripts, a pre made example param block.

All of that will jumpstart script creation, without having to find and duplicate other examples which may not be following the best practices.

Already posted this in Discord, but it makes sense to add this thought here as well. I think instead of script templates, code snippets would be ideal for this. Just Ctrl+P and search for the snippet you want from the drop-down. This may also allow you to have local snippets when you create new functions and such.