Search by tags in computer listings

When looking at computers at either the global or tenant level I’d like to be able to type in a tag in the search filter and get a list of the computers with that tag.

I agree, but only sort of.

What would that help you accomplish besides just listing the computers with that tag (which you can do from the deployment screen where you’re likely to need it)? My problem is that I agree with the idea, but honestly I don’t think I’d ever use it that way.

Basically it just comes down to wanting to get a list of computers by just about any criteria that I can. Sometimes it may have nothing specifically to do with Immy.

It’d be worth having, in my opinion, because I’m also guilty of trying to search by tag. I think the idea that it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it applies here

Ok, but what’s the real use case?

If you can’t define an actual problem that this would solve, getting it done won’t generally have any priority.

Again, I like the idea but I’m hard pressed to think of what problem being able to do that (which you can already do via the deployments page) would actually be solved.

Actual use cases with real world scenarios go into justification for feature additions/requests in gitlab.

If Immy ever gets a way to export csvs from the computers page it would be fantastic to be able to search tags. We could search and export anything we have tagged as a jump box, or as a loaner, or whatever and hand it off to the people that need such information.

I know we could probably script it and send it off as a csv as well, but what if we need to give this kind of capability to an MSP user that has restrictions from running scripts and editing deployments? It’s always good to have more than one way of doing things. That being said, I’m not saying this is a “drop everything, this needs to exist” feature. But it’s definitely not something that should be cast aside, just maybe set as low priority

I think I have a good use case. You create a Tag for Spare computers and assign it to all machines that are used as Spare’s. You then just want to quickly locate the spare machine that a user is on to change the machine over to their name and see what software is installed. You could created a deployment for all spare tags under that Company to find it or you could go into your own records and try and locate the name of the machine or any information on it. However, I think the essence of the Tag system is to allow for a sort of custom sorting system, so being able to locate machines based on said custom sorting system makes sense to me.

I think it’s just a ease of access and quality of life sort of feature that isn’t really a high priority, but is something that you would just kind of expect to work that way. I’ve tried to search for tags a few times without even thinking about it.