SentinelOne - SiteNameOverride - WildCard Search at the beginning of $TenantName?

This is in relation to the SentinelOne deployment and the ‘SiteNameOverride’ parameter. The Description states “Use this if you need to map a group of machines to a specific site. Otherwise ImmyBot will look for a site that matches $TenantName”

Within our SentinelOne MSP portal all of our clients are automatically prefixed with MSPName. E.g. Say our companyname is: Contoso. All of our clients within SentinelOne are labelled as CONTOSO-$TenantName.

SentinelOne Support decided on this naming convention themselves during the onboarding for unknown reasons and each site (which we reach out for them to create) follows this.

If this paremeter could instead search by default for *$TenantName this would automatically match our SentinelOne tenant names without needing to enter an override.