Server/Device uptime greater than X days

It would be helpful if ImmyBot had an option to filter in the dashboard for worksations/servers

How would that work in conjunction with what the dashboard produces?

What comes to mind is “I want to see computers that have a last boot time > 7 days where google chrome is installed.”

Not sure how that’s helpful or relevant??

We do a regular check for systems, usually servers but sometimes workstations that have high uptime. This is an indication to us that automation is not working correctly, the device is not healthy, etc, and we may need to do some manual remediation based on that. However, I can’t find a way to get a global viewpoint in ImmyBot of device uptime. We would have to check each system individually which would make that check take way longer than it should.

For us, an “unhealthy” amount of time is roughly 60-90 days, but that may vary for other organizations.