Set power options prior to Onboarding (at agent install)

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Title basically says it all we often have issues where our procurement staff (Non-Technical) setup devices and leave them to be onboarded by our staff member who is in charge of Onboards/Offboards can get to them, and this result in the devices going to sleep (The staff member who sets them up works remotely)

We use a generic USB with onboarding automatically turned off because we are an MSP with many many clients.

This results in a procurement staff member having to walk back and forth and fiddle with the devices to wake them up

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Might also be worth setting power options at the end of a maintenance run. We’ve noticed that HP (possibly others) can set (override) power settings if you’re using the HP Image Assistant to update and haven’t limited by category/severity. Setting power options before and after a maintenance run would help ensure that A) the system stays up long enough to complete maintenance and B) any power setting changes that might have happened because of an update or other deployment are replaced by the desired power settings in the Power Options deployment.

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