Set Primary User before an Automatic Onboarding


Some customers reinstall their devices on-site (fx to re-purpose the device to a new user) via Autopilot.
We would like to set the Primary User of the computer, before the Automatic Onboarding is initiated (fx pulling the user objectID from the Autopilot Assigned User property via a cloud script).

The customer does not, and should not, have access to ImmyBot, so they cannot manually assign a Primary User.

You can assign a primary user currently with the PPKG. I have users that have their personal PPKG on their USB sticks and that’s how they set up new machines for themselves. But I do like the idea of assigning the primary user based on the autopilot assigned user property.

@DarrenDK I think you may have looked at doing something like this before?

The next version of Immy (0.55) should give you the ability to do this. In fact I put a script in Global that pulls the primary user from the managedDevices API which should give you the user that authenticated during Autopilot.

The crux of the issue is that the primary user needs to be set before the real session starts, otherwise we may not queue up all applicable actions. In 0.55 we added a new Onboarding phase of the session that runs before the real session for the specific purpose of running Onboarding Tasks that may change the primary user.

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Very cool! Looking forward to the 0.55 release.

This has been released.

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