Show session start/end time


When looking at completed sessions there doesn’t seem to be a discernable way to determine when a session actually started or finished execution. I’d like to see a sortable column that included execution start and end time, mostly for troubleshooting purposes and optimizing our maintenance schedules.

Currently trying to find the last maintenance session that ran seems to be impossible unless I’m missing something.

When you go to the Sessions tab and hover over a time in the Time column, it will show a more specific time. Not sure if it’s the start or end time though.

I believe that is just showing when the scheduled maintenance session was created, not when it actually executed the session.

Sessions won’t show until either detection or execution running though. Unless you configure a schedule to run immediately after detection, they will separate the detection and execution phases to different times.

I just looked at one of my own schedules, and was able to determine the new Immy agent was installed on the target device at 9:02PM yesterday because it ran an execution phase at that time.