Shuffling large blobs of data between computers

I want to preload printer drivers into new builds to prevent issues during first login (in the wake of PrintNightmare)

This seems pretty straightforward - enumerate shared printers on the server, enumerate the drivers, skip the ones that don’t have the type of installer that can install via network share, then copy the installer over.

What’s the best way to copy these installer blobs? A quick sample of the drivers on the server I’m looking at says they are between 10KB and 40MB, so simply returning the blob from Invoke-ImmyCommand isn’t going to work (I tried :slight_smile: - timed out after 2 minutes)

Ok so searching through scripts and release notes I think I can use Upload-ImmyFile to upload a file. Digging even further, it looks like Upload-ImmyFile calls New-ImmyUploadSasUri, which in turn has an expiry date parameter that defaults to now + 1 day, and ephemeral storage is exactly what I want!

To provide a better alternative, you should take a look at Printix. We write things in PS daily, and I am not willing to spend time figuring out printers with PS :joy:

Printix is cheap and let’s you remotely manage printers and drivers. It also allows you to get rid of the print server altogether.

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