Software Request - Adobe Acrobat (64-bit)

I’m getting all kinds of vulnerability alerts for Adobe Acrobat and it turns out ImmyBot can’t update it because the search string specifically excludes the “(64-bit)” string in the software name

Actually this is Acrobat Reader, not Adobe Acrobat. I guess they changed it so that the software name is “Adobe Acrobat (64-bit)” even if the actual software installed is just the Reader. Maybe just the regex needs to be changed to pick it up?

There was a convo in discord about this, not sure what happened.
It’d be nice to have a config task param similar to what O365 has, ideally on both Reader and paid Acrobat globals.

Similarly, we might need a something that can tell if a machine has pro mark reader as compliant? Not sure what implications that one would have on software dependency related topics though.