Software Request - Adobe Acrobat (64-bit)

I’m getting all kinds of vulnerability alerts for Adobe Acrobat and it turns out ImmyBot can’t update it because the search string specifically excludes the “(64-bit)” string in the software name

Actually this is Acrobat Reader, not Adobe Acrobat. I guess they changed it so that the software name is “Adobe Acrobat (64-bit)” even if the actual software installed is just the Reader. Maybe just the regex needs to be changed to pick it up?

There was a convo in discord about this, not sure what happened.
It’d be nice to have a config task param similar to what O365 has, ideally on both Reader and paid Acrobat globals.

Similarly, we might need a something that can tell if a machine has pro mark reader as compliant? Not sure what implications that one would have on software dependency related topics though.

So from what I understand after reading the software notes the current Adobe Reader 32 bit that ImmyBot is pushing out is just having the upgrade to 64bit blocked by default in registry. Why not add a detection of the architecture and if it’s 64bit, change the registry and let Adobe update it to 64bit? Am I missing something? I can’t imagine anyone wanting to keep 32 bit software on a 64bit system architecture, doesn’t make sense.

There’s a “unified” adobe installer now that runs as Reader if you aren’t licensed, and full Acrobat if you log in with a license. I wrote an Immy software for that. The software detection is a little messy but gets the job done.

I think the unified product has some limitations, maybe something to do with language, and also it only works as Acrobat if you have a subscription license, maybe. But for what we want it does the job.

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So there is a way, thanks for confirming. I’ll see if we can get something made ourselves. It would be good if we can get something similar from Immy team.

32 and 64-bit versions are now available. This was a giant pain in the ass because of how Adobe handles 64-bit installs (i.e. Adobe Acrobat (64-bit) can be either Reader or Acrobat). The deciding factor for this is SCAPackageLevel in the registry.

If the value is equal to 1, it’s Reader.
If the value is greater than 1, it’s Acrobat.

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