Specify global SSID/password and Administrator username/password for New Computer Flash Drive onboardings

We onboard all new PCs at our physical office before delivering to clients. Would be nice if there were an option to specify global SSID/password and local admin credentials for every single onboarding so we don’t have to manually specify each time we download a PPKG for a Flash Drive onboarding

Does onboarding not give you the option to switch tenants or are you using the automatic onboarding?
Also, there are deployments to set a local user and credentials so that could be an option.

Yes we can switch tenants, but we have to fill out the SSID and password for our office WiFi every time we download a new flash drive PPKG. Would be nice if there was a way to specify a default. Good suggestion that the admin username/password could be set via separate deployment

There is a deployment (global) for configure wireless as well. If that fits your situation. Might have to be creative with tags if there are lots of networks. Maybe use a specific tag for each SSID?

Since they are onboarded at your office, you use the PPKG one first, so it can connect and be onboarded. Then have the deployment add the network it will connect to later.
*Edited for clarity.

I think we would need to find a way to make it a part of the PPKG so that the PC was able to connect and do onboardings/deployments in the first place, no?

The way we do it is we have a lab environment that all client computers connect to for initial onboarding. We use a single PPKG for any of our customers. System boots and we manually onboard so we can change tenant and such. Deployments add SSID if applicable.

Got it, but how are they connecting in the first place? Our desire would be that we get a new PC out of the box, plug in a flash drive, and we never touch it again until it’s fully-onboarded without having to do anything manual. Eventually we might get to the point where we drop-ship PCs and flash drives directly to users and they don’t have to do a thing. So initial connectivity (defined in the PPKG) is important to us, especially since there are more and more devices shipping without onboard RJ-45 NICs

Yeah, that’s where it would just depend on whether you want automatic onboarding or not. We rarely use that. Our Single PPKG file has our lab environment SSID configured. If the machine happens to be using wired then it still works. We have a lot of tenants so automatic onboarding doesn’t suit us usually. I think it would still work with a specified SSID at your office even with automatic onboarding, because you would need a different PPKG for each tenant anyways.