Subscription feed for new and updated global software & scripts

We create “update if found” cross-tenant deployments for new Global dynamic version software. It would be really helpful if there was a better way to keep track of what is added and updated. so that we can keep up.

I do this by logging into immy and just sorting the software/tasks by last updated. Having a feed sounds good, but If you see something you like or need, you can’t really click the “deploy” button from a feed. I requested a feed before, but I realized that it really wasn’t going to be terribly useful vs just logging into immy and doing that sort.

I think this would be an excellent idea. I’m a huge fan automation, or just easier ways to get things done. Having the ability to subscribe to the latest entries in global/scripts gives us instant updates to information.

I personally, don’t look at Global all the time, sometimes every few days,.

Yes we can look at Global software manually, but just like Duo and other vendors announce updates to their platform, the same could be done with Immy.

I just voted for this Feature Request.

I would rather get notified about changes instead of having to make changing IB each day for any changes. It would help to if there was a change log in each deployment. There have been changes to deployments that have negatively impacted us. Getting notified about the changes would help us to correlate support tickets that come in.

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