Suggestions for handling Multiple Orgs but under a single 365 Tenant

I am curious to how others are handling a parent company that has child companies, but consolidates their child company domains into the main parent company 365 tenant.

I was hoping to be able to treat those child companies as separate tenants within Immy while still being able to pull in the child company user addresses from the parent company 365 tenant. Allowing us to be able to assign slugs and properly name machines to their rightful ‘company’.

My assumption is that this is not possible, since I can’t link multiple Immy tenants to the same 365 tenant.

Let me know if I am incorrect on assigning the 365 tenant to multiple Immy tenants.

Thoughts on this?

@DarrenDK Locations? Sub tenants? (Same thing in my book)

Personally I use tags when different locations are necessary

Same, currently, but with site/location based functionality in many RMMs and PSAs, it would be nice to have both sides line up. This might even be doable with a semi-managed tag Site: X when a binding to a site is applied.
I wish MS had a better solution for this on the AAD side besides B2B tenants.

Honestly, subtenants would be awesome in general. There may need to be an adjustment for tenant preferences though, since business hours in one subtenant may not be the same in another

Right- they can probably get away with the typical “blank = inherit” mentality for a lot of the subtenant settings like that