Tags no longer have Priority

Hi there,

Since the 0.58 update Cross Tenant Tag deployments don’t have priority. We were using this to exclude some type of machines from deployments like per example CCTV machines that we tag to not install M365 and other applications that we might install to workstations.

The only way we have now to fix this is to create single tenant deployments with the Tags, but this really becomes unmanageable compared to one single Cross Tenant Deployment.

Is this a bug or is it a new wanted change in this update.


This was answered by Support on Email.

Tags on Cross Tenant deployments was a bug and has been fixed.

Did you end up finding a way to implement the previous behavior? Are you creating deployments for the tags on a per-tenant basis now or find better way to have the same behavior? You’re right that it is becoming a little unmanageable.

As much as I didn’t like the fix myself, it now does in fact work properly when you consider the more specific/winning deployment process. Tenant specific deployments should always override Cross Tenant, and person/computer specific deployments should always override Tenant and Cross Tenant.

You can achieve simplified deloyments multiple ways–you can for example create a filter script that excludes computers with a particular tag that would end up doing the same thing.

We are doing by tenant, there is no other way I’m afraid.