Task for Windows VPN Setup

I need to configure a computer with a Windows VPN. I’m a little surprised this isn’t a task already, so figured I’d mention it.

The “Meraki Windows VPN” configures Windows VPN as this is what Meraki uses.
Check it out, it should do what your looking for.

Nice! Thanks for the tip!

You know @Gav , would it make sense to duplicate the task just so we can name it something that others would find when they needed it (or at the very least, maybe a rename)?

The reason I say that is simply this: if I came across a deployment for Meraki in my Immy and I know we didn’t use Meraki, I might even delete the deployment thinking it’s a mistake.

Updated the deployment name to removed Meraki to avoid confusion.

I see the task name has been updated to reflect the ability to configure the standard windows VPN.
I use Watchguard Firewalls and they only support a certificate-based authentication for the IKeV2 protocols. Is there any way the configuration options in this take can be modified to have the option of Certificate and Preshared Keys?