Time or use limited USB onboarding stick

I’ve been asked to make a usb stick that could be sent to a customer and then either automatically stop working after a time or be remotely disabled.

It’s hilarious you ask for this, because the Immy Agent was originally designed/implemented with this capability in the code, but has never been exposed through the UI :laughing:.

There was a semi-recent issue with our RMM agent (N-Central) where the installer was not date-limited. and this exposed issues.
The option to expire the Immy installer based on a time would be appreciated when sharing with customers.

Totally agree, this should be added to the GUI.

That said @SimonG_IntellectIT, I had a client that I let use Immy for a couple of months to get their Windows 7 machines updated to WIndows 10, and I was able to request that their packages be disabled from onboarding (one of the devs made the database change), and wouldn’t you know, they kept trying to use Immy after I disabled the packages from Onboarding… about 60 days after that they signed a co-managed security deal with me, and I included Immy to make sure the tools all get deployed (and stay updated and running).