Two Requests for Immy Remote Sessions (Consent Override/Leaving Notification)

I would like to see these two features in the Remote Sessions:

  1. It would be fantastic to have a consent override available for workstations when there is no user currently at the computer. There are many times where the user leaves their computer, and is still logged in, yet we cannot access it due to the lack of user consent. It would be nice to have a switch to override consent, and only show that switch to certain individuals through granular permissions. It would also be nice to have a consent override in the event of no user being logged in, but that is a separate issue entirely.

  2. It would be great for both the person remoting in, and the user, if the user could receive a notification that the tech has left the session when they have done so. That way, the tech would not have to let the user know they are done with their machine, and the user can use it again. Use case would be my techs forgetting to let the users know they’ve jumped out of their machine.