Umbrella Module for Cisco Secure Client

This request is the result of Cisco announcing the end of life of the Umbrella Roaming client, which will be effective April 2, 2024.

All Cisco Umbrella customers will be required to move to the Cisco Secure Client with the Umbrella Module installed.
ImmyBot currently has a global deployment called "Cisco Secure Client—AnyConnect VPN,” but I cannot see an option to add additional modules.

ImmyBot also has a global software deployment for the “Cisco Umbrella Roaming Client”, which will soon be obsolete.

There is plenty of documentation provided by Cisco on how to migrate to the Secure client, however, most of it centres around using Cisco Secure X, which is not very MSP-friendly.
I have found some useful Cisco articles on deploying the secure client and modules via PowerShell and have attached them below.

My understanding of the steps required are:

  1. Download and extract the cisco-secure-client-win-predeployment package from Cisco’s website.

  2. Install the core-vpn-predeploy.msi, followed by the dart-predeploy.msi and umbrella-predeploy.msi, (all have flags to install passively).

  3. Place a JSON file containing the customer’s umbrella instance information in the following location. C:\ProgramData\Cisco\Cisco Secure Client\Umbrella\

  4. Restart the Umbrella service.

I believe a global ImmyBot deployment of the Secure Client Plus Modules would be a great benefit to all of your customers who currently use Cisco Umbrella or Cisco AnyConnect.

Thank you in advance for your time in reviewing and considering the addition of this software to your global catalogue.

I am just now trying to figure this exact issue out. I was hoping to do it w/ Immy instead of CW Automate. I take it this means that the Immy-managed Cisco Secure Client - AnyConnect VPN software doesn’t have the Umbrella component and we can’t use that for deploying it. A ready-to-go setup for this in Immy would be great.

Please implement this!

Yes, we are evaluating other options long term but will likely need to migrate to secure client and deploy that for the time being