Unjoin from Domain and create Admin account

Can we have a task\script to unjoin a computer from domain and create a local admin account? We use this for clients that have On-prem servers and have spare computers that could sit around for months before being used again. By unjoining from domain this will cause the computer to not have trust relationship conflict when we eventually assign it to a user

Not sure why you’d want to unjoin it? But yes, you can certainly write a script/task to make that happen fairly easily in ImmyBot.

I tell my clients to keep their spares in the server room or in some unused office or closet so we can keep them online and up to date so they are ready to go when needed, otherwise they really aren’t “spares” at all—it’s like having a spare tire on your car that doesn’t have air in it. Sure, you have a spare, but it’s not exactly usable because you didn’t keep air in it.