Update if Found and pick specific version

Talk about this on the roundtable a little and I can look to do a Tag and link all the computers if, but I think for bigger clients it would help a lot with being able to “specific” a version for the update if found option. As there are some deployments that I don’t want to push to all computers but also not do latest.


no specific version option for the Update if Found


It would be cool to be able to also Disable a version under the deployment fully, similar to how you can disable a deployment, mark a version on the app as disabled so it can’t be used if you want to block an update from running (I know these only applies to non-dynamic apps)


I think you could create a filter to select endpoints with the software installed… I can’t see how to debug a filter script so I can’t tell if it knows the software or task it is deploying for, but you’d probably need a filter script for every software you wanted to manage this way.

It would be better if ImmyBot did this natively though :wink: