Use tenant slugs interchangeably with tenant name

It would be great if we could use tenant slugs interchangeably with tenant name.

Sluts or slugs? :wink:
Just checking…

And what do you mean by interchangably? Where?

Like when looking up sites in Sentinel 1 or other type of integrations like that. Sluts slugs whatever…lol

Do you have a mock up of what you mean? Not sure what you mean by “look up sites in Sentinel One”.

For instance in Sentinel One or Screenconnect you are matching the Tenant Name between Connectwise Manage, Immy, Azure, Sentinel One, Ninja etc… They all need to match. Sometimes we use tenant slugs for these services and not the full name. So Company: Yada Yada Bravo Taco, would be for us YYBT. So if your script is looking for Yada Yada Bravo Taco it won’t find it and error out or create one. When in reality it is there but under the slug name YYBT.