UWP App Uninstaller Additions

Can you add these?

  1. Mydell - DellInc.MyDell

  2. Xbox - Microsoft.GamingApp

  3. Dell Customer Connect - DellInc.DellCustomerConnect

  4. Microsoft Family - MicrosoftCorporationII.MicrosoftFamily

  5. Not sure what these are - i didn’t find them on the uwp list but its Instagram, messenger, whatsapp, linkedin, kindle, and spotify - from a web search maybe these are promotional ads?

For number 5, those are from suggested content I believe. There’s a task to disable that called Configure Suggested Content. I think you need to run it before signing in with your first user, though.

Is there a way to have one UWP App uninstaller, then we would just select the apps to uninstall, instead of creating a task for each UWP App entry? I know there are dozens.