Virtru Chrome Extension

Gmail Extension – Virtru

Force Install Gmail Chrome Extension for Windows OS (Admin Guide) – Virtru

Deploy Virtru to a Google Workspace Organization (Admin Overview) – Virtru

Option B: Forced Installation

A forced (or managed) installation will automatically push the Virtru extension to selected users. All they need to do is activate Virtru and begin using. Follow these instructions to execute a forced installation:


Is this the right Virtru extension you are looking for?

Hey Gav!

I was able to get it by duplicating another extension task

(not immy related but I found that SentinelOne Extention was causing issues with the Google workspace extension (which S1 does mention as a note) deployment so we turned that off as well)

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Perfect! That’s how to do those ones.

Would anyone else in the community find value in having this Chrome extension in the global repo?