Visual Studio Code Updates

Is there a way to prevent Visual Studio Code from updating if it’s currently running on the device during a scheduled execution?

We’ve had a few instances where a Dev has been working in VSC, the Immy maintenance schedule executes its changes and closes VSC and corrupts whatever the Dev has been working on and corrupts VSC itself, requiring a full manual reinstallation.

Similar to the issues described here:

Perhaps adding a Test script to see if the application is running before running the Set script

@Chris_Nelson ,

A lot of software has similar issues–what I’ve never experienced is corruption of VS Code or any code I’ve ever had up.

That said, realize that if you’re running a maintenance schedule when someone is working, it’s probably not a good time to be running maintenance. I say this because you can make this same argument for literally any other piece of software (MS Word/Excel, Teams, OBS, etc)–generally for Immy to achieve a successful upgrade of certain software, it needs to be closed before it can be updated. If Immy just “failed” every time a detected software is running, Immy wouldn’t be terribly good at getting machines into the desired state which is part of the problem with other RMM tools.

So, my suggestion would be to change your maintenance schedule to not have this conflict occur, or to send out the maintenance emails so people that are still working can postpone maintenance and not be interrupted.

An alternative approach you can take would be to duplicate all of the software that you don’t want to upgrade successfully when it’s running and add the code to the installation/upgrade scripts to throw an exception (and cause a failure).