Wallpaper for Lock Screen

I know there is a wallpaper for the desktop task and I tried editing that one for the lock screen but I get an error so if we can get that one as well much appreciated.

Any information on this?

@Michael_Pechek if you can elaborate on what you tried and what errors you experienced that would greatly assist in providing direction.

What I did is change the registry value to the lock screen registry and when i did this i tried to run it on an endpoint it said it could not run so not sure what to do for this one at all.

@Michael_Pechek , can you be more specific? What registry entries/values did you attempt to modify?

@technotlemons would also like this for a +1

Task “Set Lock Screen Wallpaper” has been pushed to global.

Ensure you see the notes that officially Microsoft advises the enterprise/edu SKU is required and the registry key method may break in the future if they ever decide the enforce this unofficial method.