Warranty Info Coming Soon

In the overview tab, any time frame on when the Warranty info will be added?

It says “Coming Soon” :wink:

I think though that I’m going to discuss with @DarrenDK how he plans to implement this exactly–this may be something I can help with. That said, I don’t feel like this feature is terribly valuable without a reporting element of some sort though–unless someone wants to use the Warranty Status/End Dates to drive deployments? lol

I wouldnt use it for deployments, however it is nice to see it and go - oh - this device is out of warranty, should I be doing this action? Currently it involves having to go into the CW Manage config to realise the device is out of warranty.


@Anthony_Birone @Gav just pinging you as a reminder, I don’t know if @DarrenDK has already gotten ahold of the necessary APIs to look this stuff up, but if so, I can probably knock this one out, just need to tackle an “ivtentory script” issue before this can be done properly (imo).

I would love this. Been waiting for this feature for a long time :slight_smile: . It would make things much easier to check from Immy as opposed to other tools.

Might want to rename it from (Coming Soon) to Planned or something, as it’s said that for about 1.5 years.