Warranty Info Coming Soon

In the overview tab, any time frame on when the Warranty info will be added?

It says “Coming Soon” :wink:

I think though that I’m going to discuss with @DarrenDK how he plans to implement this exactly–this may be something I can help with. That said, I don’t feel like this feature is terribly valuable without a reporting element of some sort though–unless someone wants to use the Warranty Status/End Dates to drive deployments? lol

I wouldnt use it for deployments, however it is nice to see it and go - oh - this device is out of warranty, should I be doing this action? Currently it involves having to go into the CW Manage config to realise the device is out of warranty.


@Anthony_Birone @Gav just pinging you as a reminder, I don’t know if @DarrenDK has already gotten ahold of the necessary APIs to look this stuff up, but if so, I can probably knock this one out, just need to tackle an “ivtentory script” issue before this can be done properly (imo).