Windows 11 Upgrade Readiness Check

I see existing posts requesting the feature to upgrade from Win10 to Win11.

But, I’d love to just have a script that would tell me all the machines among my client environments that fail a readiness check, to then approach clients and let them know these machines need to be replaced.

Does such a script or feature already exist?

I know there is some overlap, but this is really an RMM function. I have this implemented in Connectwise Automate - it runs a script and stores the result in an Extra Data Field

I guess it could be an Inventory function that gathers this info. Based on what I understand you might be able to write your own Inventory functions, but I don’t know how you could then report on it at scale.

That’s cool, would you be able to share your script if it’s in Powershell or other usable format? Thanks!

The powershell side is literally just the script from In Automate I just parse the JSON output and stick the final result in an EDF, and we report on it from there.

ImmyBot may already gather enough info in the current inventory to reach a valid conclusion, but I suspect ImmyBot might not know (or care) about TPM version, which is probably the main blocker you’ll find to a Windows 11 upgrade.

Awesome, looks to be just what I needed, thanks!

ImmyBot does inventory TPM, there is a filter script in global “TPM Present” that can be used based on that inventory it’s just not wired up to the front end yet.

@James_Harper I randomly stumbled across this ChrisMogis/W11_PrerequisitesCkeck.ps1: This script allows you to check if all the prerequisites to upgrade to Windows 11 are met on your computer. (
I’d be curious on your thoughts with your experience of using your current method how this might compare.