Would like a CSP deployment wizard

This is more than a minor script and may be better suited to a paid-add on or something of that nature, but if you’re going to dream dream big ;).
In any case I would like wizard that would pull a list of policy from MS either directly or from a cache. Allow me to filter by the OS version azure license and search. Once selected have it create a deployment page on the fly with parameters auto named, type set, description scraped and added. PowerShell script should take the arguments as well as the namespace and class and build out a cim instance that can be checked against the current setting for a test or applied directly on set.

I made a similar suggestion to utilize mdmlocalmanagement.dll to enforce CSPs.

The only issue is that this method can enable/disable local management, and set things. However, I have not found a way to “get” data. So detection would be a learning curve of its own.

Confirmed last night on a home VM, I can use this dll to target RemoteWipe CSP and execute ./Vendor/MSFT/RemoteWipe/doWipePersistUserData (on a WORKGROUP computer, no less)