Xactimate Global Install

I would like to request Xactimate Desktop be added to the global install list. This is a heavily used software in the insurance claims industry. In our organization, a lot of employees are on the go and constantly traveling, so deployment of this software via ImmyBot would save us a lot of time and hassle. The software can be found at (Getting Started with Xactimate | Verisk).

I have this working locally. I can send it over to support to have them add it to global

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It does require 7-zip as a prerequisite though, since it needs to extract the actual setup installer from the main exe that gets downloaded. 7za is too light, and can’t extract exe files.

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@adm_jdamico Xactimate has been added to the global repo recently when @TerryW worked with @Dakota_Lewis having used the software before.

Have you given it a spin?

@Gav I just tested it out today for a client that uses it. It works, but gotta run it a few times because it keeps timing out at 120 instead of the 300 that is specified for analyze package. 4 out of 5 runs end up being too slow and fail