"Your device is being prepared" Lock when Onboarding

It would be nice to give some visual feedback to end users when an Onboarding session going, as well as avoid unnecessary input from the user.

Do you know how this could be implemented? A few years back when I was using Automate scripts to do builds, I wrote a program that popped up a screen like “Your computer is performing maintenance, please wait”. It appeared over the top of the logon screen and I had it run via a scheduled task to run on boot. It worked okay, but the scheduled task would run a few seconds after the logon screen appeared so it wasn’t as elegent as it could have been.

The advantage of using the scheduled task method was that the first thing it does is remove the scheduled task, so if the build process had a hiccup the user wasn’t left with a maintenance screen

Hooking into whatever Windows does when it’s finishing off updates would be much nicer, if anyone knows how?

I came across some that would work, but this really needs to be something that is done natively on the ephemeral agent. Doing it as a task of some sort may mean that the message is never cleared if the session never completes (due to connection loss, cancellation, etc).

Some agent work is being done currently, although I don’t know how soon something like this would be coming, but it is absolutely something I feel we need to have.