Zoom VDI Plugin Installer?

One of our clients uses Teams and Zoom a lot in their day to day work on their VDIs.
From what we’re understanding, we need to install the Zoom VDI Plugin on the Session Hosts.
It’d be nice to have a script to download/install the latest version depending on our VDI technology.
Using Windows Universal Installer for VDI plugins – Zoom Support

@GIS-Dave there is a deployment for “Zoom Client for VDI” in the global repo. Is this the same installer or is there something different again?

Hey, @Gav

From what our team was led to understand, we need to install the Zoom Installer VDI on the session hosts and then the Zoom VDI Universal Plugin on all of the guest computers.

The plugin is how Zoom handles passing through devices to the VDI session.