Ability to tag multiple machines with a script or uploading csv

It would be great to be able to tag machines without having to select them individually, which is like having to hunt and peck, it’s not too scalable and is error prone. If (similar to bulk user editing/creation that some platforms have) it were possible to upload a list of machine names and desired tag(s), or run a script against the tenant to do so, that would be a way better process. Thanks for any consideration of the idea.

Yes please! But also integration with other tools would help too.
For example, I have already done the work to tag Azure-hosted machines in my other tools such as an RMM or PSA. I would prefer to be able to tell ImmyBot to apply a tag based on some field in those other tools, but I would settle for a .csv import or a script where I can say something like
if serial # starts with "0000-0001-" or "0000-0002-" or [etc] then apply tag "Azure-Hosted"

Searching for searchable fields then selecting manually is a pain. I know I could build some of that logic into scripts, but that’s more friction for my team when we’re trying to be good about using tags.