Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2024 Installer

Please upload new version of Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2024 to allow deployment.

Came on here to request the same thing. Would be preferred if we could get an update for all year versions, since only 2020 is available now.

If you guys can grab the installer links for Autodesk software you want reviewed for global we can take a look.
See this thread for an example of what we need. Autodesk Vault Professional 2022 - Software, Tasks & Script Requests - ImmyBot Community

The Installer link for Vehicle Tracking already exists in the Install-AutoDeskProduct function:

"Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2024"
            { '' 

However there is no associated software package. When trying to create my own, it does not seem to install. Logs indicate:

PROGRESS: Processing - Running
 C:\Autodesk\Autodesk_Vehicle_Tracking_2024_Win_64bit_DLM\setup.exe --silent /t /w /language en-US /c ACAD_MAIN: INSTALLDIR="%PROGRAMFILES%\AutoDesk" ACADSERIALPREFIX=000 ACADSERIALNUMBER=00000000 ADLM_PRODKEY=00000 ADLM_EULA_COUNTRY=US InstallLevel=5

Exit Code: 703

Not sure if there’s something wrong with the software package I created, or the installer itself. Would be great to be able to use Immy to roll this out.

@SPTRC yeah, I was hoping you might have had another installer URL to try and use.

That is the installer we had found and same issue with the unknown exit code 703.

Running the installer manually via the UI would also fail to install using that one.

I just confirmed I was able to install interactively using the installer from this URL:

It did require accepting a EULA, so perhaps that is what is causing the issue.