Integration with NinjaRMM

Would like to see an integration with NinjaOne/NinjaRMM. Research in NinjaOne’s Discord’s #api channel seems to indicate that running ephemeral scripts through Ninja’s API is not currently possible and they aren’t super amenable to adding the feature (from a security standpoint), but that doesn’t negate the request, just probably delays it.

Ninja, DattoRmm and Kaseya are similar in that they don’t allow you to upload your own scripts from the API but they’ll let you execute existing scripts. Our plan is to give users a generic script that runs the ephemeral agent and accepts parameters like your backend URL and the ephemeral session id. They’ll plug the ID of that script into the RMM configuration and we’ll use the API to run that script when we need to establish a connection.

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Very nice, that sounds like a clever workaround that doesn’t require big companies to change what they’re doing, and honestly it’s a more secure option IMO!

+1. I’ve been very involved with Ninja and am happy to elevate this with our rep and my regular communications with Gavin.

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+1 for this. Anything that allows us to leverage ImmyBot within NInja is appreciated

+1 for this. Some way of executing scripts within Ninja RMM would be life changing. Immy is create for creating schedules but we don’t want our L1 guys to go to Immy for deployment of apps one-off so if they can execute it through Ninja somehow, it will much appreciated.

It’s definitely not my decision, but I don’t see Ninja doing anything to integrate with Immy. I simply don’t see the value or use case, other than telling your techs to stay in Ninja.

HOWEVER, it is technically possible to leverage the ImmyBot API to trigger an ad-hoc execution of scripts, software installations, or tasks. If you know how to use browser dev tools, you can see the API calls to make by triggering ImmyBot to do the things you want to actually do, and then essentially duplicate the API calls.

Thanks @DimitriRodis . Perhaps I misunderstood the feature request for integration. All good if that’s not something Immy Bot can do. I have already logged a feature request with Ninja to allow integration with Immy Bot so let’s see who can work some pagic first.

Not looking to play with API/development work ourselves and that’s the reason we buy tools to avoid getting involved in dev work which is not our area of expertise.

This sounds excellent. can’t wait for this to be implemented. Thanks Darren