Script to configure screen saver settings

Can you please help enhance the script to include Screensaver and lockscreen, if possible?

@technotlemons there is an existing script request for the lock screen wallpaper here:
Wallpaper for Lock Screen - Software, Tasks & Script Requests - ImmyBot Community

I’ve updated your post to select the “Software, Tasks & Script Requests” category as your post appears to be a request not an issue post.
Also updated your subject for clarity that you want a task for screen server settings.

@technotlemons what exactly are you wanting to set with screensaver?

There is a global task called “System Policy - Inactivity Timeout” which sets the timeout to lock the system with the screensaver to be active. Does this suit what you are trying to do?

Or do you have custom scr files you want to upload and set?

Yes, this one:
“custom scr files we want to upload and set?”

@technotlemons Give the new task “Configure Windows ScreenSaver” a spin.